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When the sport of surfing first started to gain traction on the Olympic journey in early 2016 the home nation governing bodies came together in anticipation of a greater need to collaborate.

For Olympic representation this requires a British team, whilst each federation currently and intend to continue managing the sport in full within their respective jurisdiction (Channel Islands, England, Scotland and Wales) it was recognised that a framework was required where the home nations could come together and sit as equal peers to take decisions and give a direction on British related surfing matters. A Terms of Agreement was signed by all the recognised federations to ratify this in July 2016. This followed into the ‘BSURF Collaboration Agreement’ in February 2017 providing a framework for decision making related to British Surfing matters.

Our Purpose
In early 2019 this collaboration agreement was taken a step further and a limited company was formed.
The sole purpose of British Surfing is select, prepare and manage British Surfing Teams.
In doing so the objectives are to raise the current performance level of British surfing and in doing so inspire positive social impact through high performance surfing.

The Beginning
British Surfing is responsible for managing a British Team at selected ISA events which are seen as qualification opportunities for the Olympic games and responsible for managing matters related to elite athlete development at British level by liasing with UK Sport and the British Olympic Association.

British Surfing was established to select, prepare and manage the British Surfing Team for international competitions where only a British Team is able to compete.

All other competitions will have representation from the individual Home Nations: England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands.

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