British Surfing - Funding and the future

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Earlier this year we proudly announced the exciting news that UK Sport have awarded British Surfing £192,000 from the new Aspiration Fund.

The dual purpose of this fund is to support surfers who are on a clear and evidenced Olympic qualifying trajectory and also to deliver defined social impact outcomes from these surfers and associated programs.

It is important for all athletes to understand that this isn’t an ‘application process’. They must be British Team surfers on a trajectory to the Olympic podium and be prepared to give back time to inspire the next generation.

We await the results of the British Surfing Championships to select the British Team for ISA World Games 2019.

Please note, the Directors of British Surfing continue to do this role on a voluntary basis and are not paid to deliver the Aspiration Fund objectives. British Surfing wishes to maximise the funding impact by directing all funding to the appropriate athletes and the social impact objectives.

We continue to urge all athletes to fully commit to their National Team and British Team qualification process to be in the best position to receive funding support and to also be happy to commit some of their time to inspiring the next generation of surfers and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This year has been challenging as the previous selection processes have needed revising to make sure they are fair for all surfers, all nations and will stand the test of time in all potential scenarios. We thank you for patience and understanding with this and we believe this will strengthen the standard of the Home Nation and British Surfers alike and provide a clear and transparent pathway to qualifying for the British Team and Team GB for the Olympics.


Q: Why doesn’t British Surfing contribute to the cost of getting to the British Championships?

A: The Aspiration Fund has strict investment criteria which is controlled by UK Sport. Funds can only be spent to support athletes on an evidenced Olympic pathway or on Social Impact objectives.

Q: Why is Longboarding not included in this funding program.

A: Longboarding and SUP are not currently Olympic disciplines and therefore cannot be funded through the Aspiration Fund.

Q: Do the Directors of British Surfing pay themselves from the funding?

A: No. Funding from the Aspiration Fund goes directly to the surfers and social impact program delivery.

Q: Will British Surfing ever support athletes who are not on the Aspiration Fund program?

A: We hope so, currently British Surfing is made up of 5 volunteer Directors (one from each nation and an independent Chairman). We are looking to secure other funding/sponsorhip which might support athletes in the future. However our initial focus is on getting good processes and policies in place for the selection and management of the British Team for Shortboarding and Longboarding.

Q: Is the funding going to be spent on the wave pool projects around the UK?

A: No, the funding will go to support the athletes in activities over and above activities they would normally be doing as part of their training and preparations.

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