British Surfing - A fresh start

British Surfing


A new chapter has begun!

For three years the Home Nation federations have been working together under what has been called the “BSURF” collaboration agreement. This collaboration has been working on any business related to British Surfing Team representation at international competitions.

Two significant advancements have occurred in the last 18 months:

1. Surfing was named as an Olympic sport for Tokyo 2020

2. £192,000 Aspiration Fund has been conditionally awarded to Surfing by UK Sport

The word “conditional” is critical. To be able to draw down on these funds we have to:

1. Set up a brand new British Surfing limited company with Directors from each Home Nation.
2. Set up a bank account.
3. Provide UKSport with a plan about how the Directors will govern the organisation properly (Governance Action Plan).
4. Recruit an Independent Chairperson and Independent Director.
5. Provide a detailed Business Plan for British Surfing.
6. Provide a Social Impact strategy for the Aspiration Fund.
7. Provide an Athlete Qualification Plan

We are making great progress with this work but have had the added workload of having to recruit British Team managers and coaches for the ISA World Championships and get a robust and fair selection process in place.

We have had a number of questions from athletes and press /media about timelines, Aspiration Fund and the Olympics. Here are a few key points that we wish to stress:

  • Funding will be available to athletes who are on a trajectory towards Olympic qualification. The exact criteria are currently under discussion and we will release this as soon as agreed and approved by UK Sport.
  • A core part of the Aspiration Fund is to deliver social impact. We have written a plan and this is being submitted to UK Sport for a review prior to funding being released to us to deliver this plan.
  • British Surfing is currently being run by 4 directors, all on a voluntary basis. The plan is to keep this organisation lean and efficient so we can maximise the impact that external funding can create for athletes and beneficiaries of the social impact plan.
  • UK Sport have announced a strategy which means that in future years surfing might be eligible for further funding. Therefore, the structure and processes we are setting up currently need to be robust foundations for the future.
  • We will try and communicate decisions and achievements in a timely manner. We want to be totally transparent in our delivery of British Surfing.

The Directors of British Surfing are fully committed to supporting our athletes and seeing the potential of our athletes and sport being fully realised. We are entering an extremely exciting era for British Surfing and we want to get it right!

Directors of British Surfing

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