British Surfing on the £1.3 M Progression funding award

For the first time, surfing will receive funding from UK Sport, as part of its plans to invest in the Olympic and Paralympic games.  

The £352 million investment by UK sport is being awarded to 43 Olympic sports with surfing being included for the first time along with climbing and skateboarding. The award of £1.35 million to surfing is part of a new Progression investment which supports the long-term medal potential of new sports to uncover champions of tomorrow as part of 12-year approach to delivering success. 

This is an unprecedented opportunity to give British Surfers the support and infrastructure they need to compete on the global stage. We hope this is just the start of an exciting journey that will see GB surfers competing for Olympic medals in the future. 

Dave Cove, Chair of British Surfing “This is a historic day for the sport of surfing. We are delighted or should I say ‘stoked’ to receive grant funding from UK sport. We have an exciting future; we are charged with building talent and a world-class performance programme and I’d like to thank everyone for all their hard work in getting us where we are today.”

The organisation responsible for receiving and managing the funding is British Surfing, who are committed to working in partnership with Surfing England and the other Home Nation Federations to deliver the world class programme the funding has been awarded to create.   

Many reading this will be stoked by the news surfing is getting this game changing support and will be keen to understand how the different organisations involved will be working together.   The following breaks down the different roles of each organisation and gives an idea of what the next steps will be:

UK Sport, the organisation making the funding award, which has a very clear remit.  It makes strategic investments to enable British Olympic and Paralympic sports and athletes to reach their full medal winning potential.   They are focused at the very top end of elite sport, working with athletes competing to be the best in the world.  You can read the full funding statement here. 

British Surfing is the umbrella National Governing Body for surfing across the UK with a focus on selecting, supporting and managing elite surfing athletes representing Great Britain at international competitions such as the Olympics.  It is currently composed of a board with 1 representative from each Federations (Channel Islands, England, Scotland, Wales) plus an independent director and independent chair.   

Home Nations / Federations:  The collective group of National Governing Bodies that make up Great Britain, which are Surfing EnglandChannel Islands Surfing FederationScottish Surfing Federation and the Welsh Surfing Federation 

Next Steps 

The funding from UK Sport will come with conditions and British Surfing will be discussing those with UK Sport in the New Year. As those conditions become clear, British Surfing will reach out to the federations and competitive surfers to discuss what the world class programme will look like and how to start delivering on the ground and in the water.   

Keep an eye on our website for full details.